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Lucy Vives aparece con un atrevido body painting en protestas en Puerto Rico

La hija de Carlos Vives participó en las manifestaciones contra 'Ricky' Roselló.


Por: Cristian Serrano

Lucy Vives protesta en Puerto Rico

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Lucy Vives en manifestaciones en Puerto Rico

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Cabe recordar que esta no es la primera vez que Lucy Vives muestra su cuerpo desnudo en redes sociales, la joven ya ha compartido atrevidas fotografías en Instagram.


let me look a little closer... i can almost see your heart beat.. let me slow it down, a little i can if you just watch me.. • i layed for a long time , knowing i’d stay still here , gathering dust until i, myself, chose to move. i know i am not easy.. i know i am not always peaceful but i cant help my heart but pulsing , telling me to go, shake off the stillness and sprint. i bent over backwards just to find where the rays of sun were beginning to peak from, so i could run after them. like flowers, i dance towards the light of the sun. i am confident i have all the darkness i need. so i wondered, then, why night time is still so much easier than day? why clarity clouds me and mystery glows with a radiant excitement, like something meant just for me to know..? i bent over backwards because sometimes things look better upside down,, grainy and lit by moonlight. sometimes thing only make sense that way. and sometimes, light is far too blinding. but see, for some reason, no matter how still or for how long i am upside down in blindfold.. i manage not to fall. i manage to feel , even the numbness ... soul and skin, mind and body .. still raw, and still palpably real. foolish and caring so, still, i stride linearly the ground beneath me , turning corners blind in fold.. and my tongue but a feather , floating slow between my teeth.. spinning silk-like clarity... i go on and on like this, for no one asks twice if you seem any kind of clean, any type of wise... i am looking for whatever i find. and i am certain it is as bright as its darkness . • for once i really couldnt pick just one shot.. help me choose?• from a trip to an abandoned Eden somewhere in New Orleans, with the most distractingly beautiful photographer, model, n magician i’ve literally ever had shoot me... challenge accepted @lilymarlane_ you are not from this fucking world. so so many more adventures of these to come n its gonna be, honestly , epic. feliz miércoles, mis amores • 📸 @lilymarlane_ artificial intelligence? or local vampire ? ✨🖤 you decide

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i wanted to ask you... i wanted to ask you so badly.. -have you fallen in love with you yet? .. the raw and the bloody you? do you want to? • but i kept my mouth shut.. i was scared to tell you i loved me. i guess i didn’t want you to take it that way.. the way it sounds.. because i promise im not a narcissist, or selfish like that.. but it’s true, i loved me. it’s the only reason i was still there, the only reason im here. it’s the reason i drag my ass out of bed every morning and look in the mirror n say “you’re fucking resilient. you are health and light and an instrument of the universe. you are worthy to be yourself”. i was scared to tell you that i didnt need you .. n that i had me. 📸 @rubenvega_ gracias por esta mañanita en madrid. por la luz, el cafecito y gracias a la fruta fresca.

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